Assembly Instructions For “Figure 8 On Open Rectangle”

Assembly Instructions For Figure 8 On Open Rectangle
(Recommended to install top disc first but not essential)

  1. Place bearing in bottom housing.
  2. Put external retaining ring on top shaft and bring to bottom of shaft.
    (We’ve done this before packing)
  3. Put internal retaining ring over shaft and let it rest on disc.
  4. Place Top bearing on top shaft and let it slide down to disc.
  5. Hold disc in both hands, insert top shaft in top housing.
  6. Put bottom shaft in bottom bearing.
  7. Move top bearing up shaft into housing and with large ring pliers compress internal retaining ring and seat it in groove just inside top housing.
  8. With small ring pliers slide external retaining ring up shaft into groove.
  9. Repeat for bottom disc.
  10. Fully assembled
  11. Dig hole to fit anchor plate so ground is level with bottom of sculpture. Please make sure plate is level so piece will be level and plumb. This is necessary for optimum movement. Attach sculpture to anchor plate with three 1/2” flat head bolts using 5/16” Allen wrench, both supplied. Recheck level and plumb. Fill in earth and/or sod for ballast.

Bearing and ring specs:

All stainless steel
Bearings: R6 double shielded, lubricated with light oil. OD .875
Internal Retaining Ring: .875
External Retaining Ring: .375



30 Inch Split Disc Assembly

Instructions for the assembly of the 30 Inch Split Disc.
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1. Bearings and retaining rings needed: two R6 flanged bearings (smaller), two R8 flanged bearings (Larger), two 1/2″ external retaining rings. In addition you need a retaining ring pliers shown in photos 3 & 4.

30 Inch Split Disc 001
2. Recommended to install top disc first. Put smaller bearing on bottom shaft with flange neareast disc edge.

30 Inch Split Disc 002
3. With ring pliers, put retaining ring on top shaft and move it down the shaft toward disc

30 Inch Split Disc 003
4. Put top bearing on top shaft with flange neareat disc edge

30 Inch Split Disc 005
5. Insert top shaft into top housing.

30 Inch Split Disc 007
6. Seat bottom bearing and shaft in bottom housing.

30 Inch Split Disc 008
7. Push top bearing up into housing.

30 Inch Split Disc 010
8. With ring pliers move retaining ring up bottom shaft to groove.

30 Inch Split Disc 012
9. Repeat for bottom disc

10. Finished Sculpture

30 Inch Split Disc 019